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We have a great collection of comment images codes for Myspace, Friendster and Xanga users. We will provide comment codes for you and for Myspace users, you can either put the codes in your myspace bullentin and profile settings page. You get all these Myspace Comments graphics and pictures for commenting to your friends, family and loved ones. For more Comment Graphics please choose the category on the left menu. Hope you like this site and we'll add more comments soon! How to add comment graphic to your friend's myspace comment page? It's fairly easy, all you need to do is highlight the codes provided and right click "Copy", go to your friend's myspace profile page and click "Add Comment" and right click "Paste" the codes. The comment will show up in your friend's profile page.

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We have many comment graphics for you to post these comments on your friend's page.

Halloween Is coming soon. Have a cool Halloween countdown clocks on your website or blog page.

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Happy Halloween Comment - 57

Sending Sexy Love Green Comment

You're Funny Funny Comment

Cheer Up Comment - 1

Myspace Quotes Comment - 11

Showing Gangsta Love

Pass It On Comment - 8

Happy New Year Comment - 51

Animated Text Comment - Happy Birthday

Happy Fall / Autumn Comment - 2

Showing Sexy Love Comment - 3

Friendship Comment - 17

Wedding Comment - 13

LOL Comment - 43

Girls Power Comment - 10

Cat Comment - 5

Married Comment - 1

Smiles Comment - 5

Cute Space Comment - 10


Sweet Comment - 15

Youre Hot Comment - 6

100 Percent Comment - 80

MySpace Happy Anniversary Comment - 26

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Added New Labor Day Comments. Labor Day in United States is on 3rd of September.

Added New Best Friends Comments.

Added New The Simpson Comments.

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